Located on The Chicago School’s downtown campus in The Merchandise Mart, INTERWOVEN is a robust resource for employers committed to their organization’s and employees’ emotional wellness.

INTERWOVEN understands employers often seek a better understanding of mental health issues in order to better support their employees. Organizational leaders, department managers, and human resources professionals often become aware of employees’ personal and interpersonal struggles through day-to-day interactions and when the employee specifically seeks assistance. INTERWOVEN can provide these employers trainings and consultation to help guide them in supporting employees with mental health and substance abuse concerns. Employers can also establish agreements with Interwoven to refer clients for services.

In addition to our general services, employers may be especially interested in the following services:

Anger Management Counseling: To increase the employee’s capacity to manage strong emotions, especially anger, and to assist them to effectively and appropriately express feelings. Participation can be individual or in group format and the program includes a structured didactic program integrated with counseling.

Pre-employment Psychological Evaluations: For evaluation of personality traits, temperaments, or dispositions; capacity to handle on-the-job stress; written and verbal language aptitude; and, in general, the ability to perform the job capably and safely. Evaluations can be tailored to meet the employer’s specific needs and the requirements of the job.

Substance Abuse Evaluations: Staff conduct an in-depth evaluation of the employee’s substance use and make recommendations for treatment according to evidence-based, best practices. Persons who are deemed appropriate for outpatient treatment can receive services at our clinic and referrals are made for when inpatient treatment is warranted.

Behavioral Threat Risk Assessments: Our highly trained mental health providers can conduct formal, clinical risk assessments to help an employer determine if an employee is a safety threat to self or others. These evaluations may consist of an in-depth clinical interview, psychological testing, and inclusion of historical and collateral information from third parties. Staff can also serve as consultants to managers and human resources professionals to determine the best course of action.